Tan Incorporated STATUS DARK & HANDSOME 300X Advanced Tanning SAMPLE PACKET .75 oz


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Tan Incorporated Status Dark & Handsome 300X Advanced Tanning Lotion Sample Packet

Size: .75 fl. oz.

  • 300X Advanced Tanning Lotion
  • After Dark Anti-Orange Complex
  • Tattoo Enhancing Technology
Look, smell, and feel assuredly attractive. There’s something indescribably appealing about a dark charisma, a magnetism that pulls others to you. Glances become gazes, draw becomes desire, and intrigue becomes infatuation. You are, dark & handsome.
  • 300X Advanced Tanning Formula gives your tan the ultimate darkness
  • After Dark Anti-Orange Color Correcting counteracts warm tones for the perfect shade of bronze 
  • Tattoo Enhancing Tech gives your ink increased vibrancy
  • Nourishing extracts help infuse your skin with an attractive glow
  • Ultra-soft silicones & specialized scent are irresistible 
  • Fragrance: Sandalwood Suede