Lotion Types

Do you need a tanning lotion? Yes would be the answer. Tanning lotions provide moisturization to the skin, they also nourish the skin cells keeping a healthy, youthful appearance. Healthy, moisturized skin tans better than dry, unnourished skin cells. Skin complexion is a big factor in your choice of tanning lotions, fair complexed people will have a harder time getting a really dark color versus a dark complexed person. A fair complected person it is recommended to use an accelerator lotion, light bronzer or self-tanner. Dark complected people will be able to use Dark bronzers, tingles, and tingle bronzers. Some other considerations to consider when choosing a lotion are if you are on any medications, because they to can affect your tanning expierence. Below is a list of types of lotions to help you choose what best fits you for the perfect tan!

Accelerators: Accelerators, Maximizers, or Intensifiers are all tanning lotions that have ingredients to help hydrate the skin. Hydrated skin accepts more UV light resulting in less chance of burning and a better tan. They are all suitable for any level of sunless tanner and many include age defying additives that help prevent wrinkles and fine lines. A great beginning step in building a base tan or to prolong a well established tan.

Bronzers: Bronzers, or self-tanner,tanning lotions contain ingredients that give the skin an instant natural glow with or without the use of UV lights. The additives in bronzer tanning lotions are derived from a variety of natural plant oils that turn a bronze color when they come in contact with the skin. Bronzers will enhance the appearance of a good base tan, expedite the development of a base tan and will help prolong the perfect tan. If you want an immediate, natural glow, then lotions containing bronzer are the way to go.

Tingles: Tanning lotion tingles use ingredients that increase circulation to the top layers of skin. This increased circulation results in a tingling sensation and has a warm reddening effect. This tingle lets you know the activity in the tanning cells has increased and will give you amazing results. There are different levels of tingle intensity, and with the wide variety of indoor tanning lotions available you can find one that is right for you. Tanning lotions with tingles should be used by people with a good base tan or advanced tanners.

Tingle/Bronzers: Tanning lotion with tingles and bronzers combine the best of both products. You will achieve the instant color of a bronzer with the sensation and tanning properties of a tingle lotion. Tingle/Bronzers give you an intense tanning process with long lasting effects. The tingle and bronzing additives work together to increase the activity in your tanning cells and increase the effectiveness of the tanning lotion. You'll get the glow you want and one that lasts.

Moisturizers:  Tanning lotion moisturizers are an integral part of your indoor tanning experience. Moisturizers return much needed nutrients to your skin which help to maintain the beauty of your perfect tan. Tanning lotion moisturizers have ingredients that help prolong the life or your tan, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the elasticity of your skin to give you a youthful healthy glow. Moisturizing lotions can be used anytime to help give your skin the lift it needs to feel and look soft and supple.