Tingle Bronzers

Tingle Bronzer Tanning Lotion 

Tanning Lotion Depot is proud to present our selection of tingle bronzer tanning lotion, crafted for those who seek a deep, radiant tan with an extra sensation. This unique formula combines the powerful effects of tingle bronzers with an enriching glow, providing an unparalleled tanning experience. Our indoor tanning lotion with tingle and bronzer intensifies the skin's tanning process while delivering a stunning finish.

For enthusiasts looking for an intense tanning experience, our tanning lotion with tingle and bronzer offers the perfect blend of stimulation and color enhancement. Embrace the dual benefits of our tingle bronzer tanning lotion for a deeper, more vibrant tan that stands out.

Tanning lotion with tingles and bronzers combine the best of both products. You will achieve the instant color of a bronzer with the sensation and tanning properties of a tingle lotion. Tingle/Bronzers give you an intense tanning process with long lasting effects. The tingle and bronzing additives work together to increase the activity in your tanning cells and increase the effectiveness of the tanning lotion. You'll get the glow you want and one that lasts.