Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Bronzers, or self-tanner, contain ingredients that give the skin an instant natural glow with or without the use of UV lights. The additives in bronzer tanning lotions are derived from a variety of natural plant oils that turn a bronze color when they come in contact with the skin. Bronzer tanning lotion will enhance the appearance of a good base tan, expedite the development of a base tan and will help prolong the perfect tan. If you want an immediate, natural glow, then lotions containing bronzer are the way to go.

In the world of sunless tanning, bronzer tanning lotion stands out for its ability to provide a deep, rich color that mimics a natural tan. Whether you're using a tanning lotion with bronzer for outdoor sunbathing or a bronzer indoor tanning lotion for a quick session in the tanning bed, these products will give you a flawless, sun-kissed look.