Brown Sugar DD Black Chocolate RASPBERRY CREAM 400X Bronzer TANNING LOTION 7.5 oz


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Brown Sugar Double Dark Black Chocolate Raspberry Cream 400X Plateau Busting Bronzer Tanning Lotion 

Size: 7.5 fl. oz.

400X Plateau Busting Bronzer
Drizzled Raspberry and Vanilla Buttercream

Lush berries and delectable cream combine for simple perfection in this ultra dark tanning treat. A delicate balance of beautiful bronze and fantastically rich skin conditioning seemingly turn back the clock for a youthful glow, with color so decadent it becomes worthy of the most special of occasions.
  • 400X Plateau-Busting Bronzers give skin the richest dark color possible
  • Heaping amounts of delicious raspberries & vanilla extract give skin an amazingly youthful glow
  • A mixture of coconut, cocoa, and cupuacu butters blend with max silicones for a “buttercream” base that takes your tan’s look & feel to the next level
  • Fragrance:  Raspberry Sweet Cream