Aloha Hawaii WAIKIKI 400X Island Dark Bronzing Step 2 TANNING LOTION 7 oz


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Aloha Hawaii Waikiki 400X Island Time Bronzing Tanning Lotion

Size: 7 fl. oz.

400X Island Dark Total Tanning System
Say Aloha to the tanning system you can’t live without. Aloha Hawaii is the unlocked secret to a bronze glow of a true Island Goddess. When used together these 3 special lotions work their spell to reveal your most breathtaking tan yet. It’s impossible to say where this exotic Hawaiian magic ends and the science begins, but you will love every part of the journey.
• Step 2 Bronze
• 400X Bronzers are tanning bed magic
• Island Extracts pamper your tan for an exotic Hawaiian glow
• Advanced Tattoo Enhancing gives your body art increased vibrancy
• Cocktail fragrancing: each fragrance “cocktails” together for a wonderful scent
• Clean Beauty Inspired- consciously created for you & our environment 
Fragrance: Island Sugar Vibes