Swedish Beauty Be Bold Packet


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Swedish Beauty Be Bold Sultry Tingle Bronzing Serum Tanning Lotion Packet

Size: 0.5 fl. oz.

Natural Bronzer wMelaDark Blend and Tingle Born from Sweden's most nourishing and darkest tanning botanicals, this intensive serum is suspended within an ulta-rich lotion. This sumptuous formula saturates the skin with long-lasting color and hydration. Be Bold and experience this Swedish-inspired, quick-acting combination of Tingle and Natural Bronzers that work together for deeper, darker hues for magnificent dark color. Beginning Tingle T8: Intense reddening provides additional boost for darkest color Bronzing Blend: Natural bronzing complex includes Banana and Black Walnut Extract for dark tan color MelaDark Blend: Powerful combination of Swedish mushrooms and melanin enhancers provide a natural and even, dark tan tone Be-Beautiful Blend: Nordic Orange, Milk Thistle, and Magnolia Bark firm and rejuvenate skin Baltic Hydrogel: Super moisturizing ingredient derived from the Baltic Sea that renews skin and improves elasticity. SkinFresh blend and paraben-free