Supre Tan Torch Packet


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Size: .5 fl. oz.

Light up the hottest, most scorching tan of your life with Torch 6X Tingle Bronzer. This fiery tanning sensation contains an explosive tanning complex with 6X tingle and bronzing power for extreme skin stimulation and the darkest tan you have ever experienced. Let Torch lead you into the light with a new level of intense tanning heat. • Advanced 6X bronzing blend plus our unique DHA Delivery System allows skin to further darken up to 12 hours after UV exposure and can last up to 8 days for smooth, long-lasting, deep color. • 6X Tingle provides intense hot skin stimulators that helps increase circulation in the skin for an enhanced tanning experience. • MelanoMax Dark Tanning Complex is designed to stimulate melanin synthesis for a deeper, darker more natural looking tan. • Advanced Silicone Blend contains innovative skin conditioners to lock moisture into the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and silky. • llumiLast Tan Extenders combine Honey Dew, Coffee Berry and Tyrosine to help prevent color from fading and prolong the life of your tan.