Snooki So Skinny Hot, SHO 6000, Tequilla Sunrise Packet Deal


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2 of each packet

Snooki So Skinny Hot:  Get the “Skinny” on how to look HOT with Snooki’s Sizzling Super Dark Maximizer.  Designed for serious tanners this dark tanning formula provides a rush of immediate heat while powerful tan maximizers help deliver knockout color.  Combined with Fit & Firm Complex for a more tone and tightened appearance and Tattoo ColorShieldTM to help Tattoos from fading, it’s clear that this “Skinny” is the ultimate hot tanning routine.

SHO 6000:  SHO 6000 is formulated for tanners that use Hot Action products and are ready to step up the intensity. This innovative formula contains powerful antiitch ingredients that help eliminate a common side effect of Hot Action products. Generous levels of amplifying & stimulating oils, Protovanol, Unipertan and soluble tyrosine speed your tanning rate.

Tequilla Sunrise: The tequila is from Mexico… but you don’t need to go there to get the beautiful color you desire.  Tequila Sunrise will give you a shot of sun without the travel.  A fresh, intoxicating concoction of Sizzle and ultra dark accelerators will raise your color to the level you’ve been searching for. .  Let the sun rise on your color as you drink it in!