John Abate Bronzer T4 Tanning Lotion


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John Abate Bronzer Tingle Factor 4 State of the Art Essential Tanning Lotion

Size: 8 fl. oz.

     Reveal your most dramatic and alluring tan with JA Bronzer State of the Art Essential Tanning. Exceptional JA ingredient blend contains new, state of the art tanning and skin care ingredients to vastly augment abundant melanin production for a remarkably long-lasting, dark-bronzed tan and soft, velvety skin. Dynamic new ingredient Phototan is a newly patented technological break-through containg a natural blend of Tyrosine, Arginine and Omithine, a fast-acting combination of accelerating tanning and skincre ingredients that vastly heighten the tanningprocess as they replenish and nourish skin cells. Natural, non-dyeing bronzing agent allows smoother, more even application for the best tan possible. Scented with Fresh Clean fragrance.