Most Category 5 Tanning Lotion


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Size: 13.5 fl. oz.

Instant Stain-Free Bronzers for Immediate, Dark results. Escalate to the most Intense bronze color imaginable. Ultra Dark Stain-free bronzers blow away your pale skin, leaving behind a path of golden, bronze perfection. A sustained dose of vitamin A, E, and Aloe Vera provide a nourished, hydrated skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Flash Bronzer- Instant, Dark bronze color without staining

Vitamin E- Skin Rejuvenating properties and fights free radicals

Vitamin A- Anti-aging and Blemish fighting properties

Coconut oil & Aloe Vera- Extreme moisturizers for healthy, youthful appearance

Be Swept Away with Color!!!