Swedish Beauty Be Loved Tanning Lotion


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Swedish Beauty Be Loved Incredible Advanced Bronzing Serum Featuring MelaDark Blend Tanning Lotion

Size: 8.5 fl. oz.

The Kind of Deep, Dark tan that could only come freom the Land of the Midnight Sun...

Born from sweden's most nourishing and darkest tanning botanicals this intensive serum is suspended whithin an ultra rich lotion. This sumptuous formula saturates the skin with long lasting color and hydration. Incredible bronzing system of poweful plant actives gives immediate color gratification for darkest results.

Be Loved ....Be Beautiful....Be Amazed!

  • Advanced Bronzing System-Perfect color made possible with multiple bronzer for impeccable, even dark color.
  • MelaDark Blend- Natural even tan tones from the melanin boosting properties of Golden Chanterellers and truffle Tyrosinase
  • Be Beautiful Blend- Nordic Orange, Milk Thistleand Magnolia Bark restores resilience, firmness and radiance for even dark color.
  • Baltic Hydrogel- Sperb Mositurizer that noruishes and renews the skin with improved elasticity.
  • Invigorating and flirty Butterly Kisses Fragrance.